Fiber Mesh
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Fiber Mesh
Product Code: RF-001

Category: UPVC Roofing Sheet





First layer:weather resistant resin is selected as the top layer material to block the solar ultraviolet radiation and reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity. It provides our UPVC roofing material with great durability and chemical corrosion resistance;

Second layer:the middle layer is a special foam structure with heat and sound insulation performances.

Third layer:the bottom layer of our heat insulated UPVC roof sheet adopts modified PVC material to offer optimum strength and rigidity. 

Color  Spanish Red , Blue
Thickness 3mm
Available Length

5 ft.9 inch , 6 ft .6 inch , 7 ft . 2 in, 7ft .11inch , 8ft.7inch,

9ft .4 inch, 11ft . 6 inch , 12 ft . 11 inch, 14 ft .5 inch ,15 ft . 11 inch,

18 ft . 8 inch

Breadth 3.5 inch
Available Pattern Tiles Shape , Regular CGI


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