Product Code: LTVF -C 10001BAA

Category: AC DRIVES

Brand: L&T


Salient Features



Built-in 24V Power Source

Reduced wiring & no need of external SMPS

No extra cost & space for SMPS & its mounting


Built-in potentiometer

No need of external potentiometer, possible to add reference from keypad and external signal

No extra expenditure of external potentiometer, simple panel wiring and no panel cut-out


Conformal Coating

Complies to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2. Improves life of electronic circuit in harsh environments, even reduces downtime


Increased life of drive


Booster Pump Control

Maintains desired pressure or flow by operating pumps run by conventional starters


Saving on cost of external controller


User Sequence (PLC Functionality)

It creates a simple sequence from a combination of different function blocks. No software required to create logic.


Saving on cost of external hardware or extra PLC


Multi Keypad

One master keypad can monitor/program 16 slave drives


Saving on cost of external display for slave drives

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Allows the drives to share any I/O via inbuilt RS485 communication


Saving on cost of external I/O expansion card


Sleep & Wake PID Function

Automatically switches OFF the drive during user- programmed low-load conditions and then to startup again when process demand increases


Energy-saving as well as saving on wear and tear of mechanical system


Draw Mode

Maintains the tension in process line applications by means of draw ratios


Savings in external hardware cost


Brake Control

Provides external brake control function for vertical load such as crane & elevator


Improves safety



Performs a general acceleration until the set frequency is reached


No extra hardware required



2nd Motor Operation

Single AC drive can maintain two motor parameters connected to two different loads, different accel / deaccl time, motor current & protection for both the motors


For isolated operation of motors one VFD can be used in place of two

Built-in Chopper

Ease of wiring, saves space

No external DBU required, hence reduced cost

Built-in DC Reactor

Reduced harmonics and improved power factor

No external reactor required


Built-in Safety Circuit

If a machine needs to stop in an emergency, circuit will block the drive output.


Additional human & machine safety


Removable Terminal Block

Control card of the existing drive can be replaced to new drive without removing control wiring


Reduces downtime for AC drive replacement

Component Life Monitoring

Digital output can be triggered when components eg. capacitor have completed their lifespan

Pre-alarm for capacitor failure, avoiding breakdown


Enhanced Cooling Design

Suction structure for internal cooling system enhances their protection and improves the life of drive in dusty working environment


Improves operating life of IGBT & AC drive

RS485 Modbus Communication

Ease of communication with 3rd party devices on MODBUS


No extra communication card required



Complies to EU Directive 2002/95/EC stands for restriction of hazardous substances


Lead-free products, environment-friendly


No Motor Detection


Drive trips when all the 3 phases are disconnected

Useful protection in overhauling applications running with external mechanical brake


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